Friday, November 14, 2008

Domba Biru

Masih berhubungan dengan topik hewan seperti postingan sebelumnya, sekarang saya mencoba website DOUBUTSU URANAI untuk mengetahui hewan apa yang mewakili kepribadianmu. Tinggal memasukkan tanggal lahir, lalu bisa terlihat jawabannya. Saya mengetahui website ini dari postingan bini.

Menurut ajaran DOUBUTSU URANAI, ternyata hewan yang mewakili kepribadian saya adalah domba. Keterangan lengkapnya seperti yang tertulis di bawah ini:

You are Blue Sheep type, who is gentle to others and have calm attitude and a quiet atmosphere around you.

You can make other people feel good, and yet at the same time you have a natural instinct to see people's insight.

You can turn things into your own pace as well.

You are a person of knowledge, and can provide wide range of information.

You are very quick on trends.

Unlike your outlooks, you have guts to fight.

You can build relationships based on each other's interests.

You have a will power to achieve your set objective by carefully planning your schedules.

Although you have bright brains and clear mind to analyze things, you tend to leave the decision on lapse of time.

Your weakness is you can be slow on decision making and putting into action.

You are good at competition and have great ambition.

Your success lies in cooperating with others and trying to be helpful to others.

You put priority in economics, and try to stable the household budget.

Secara umum, saya merasa apa yang dikatakan di website itu banyak benarnya. Entah kebetulan atau tidak. Hebat juga tapi, cukup akurat. hehe..


  1. hihi bini dpt dr gue, gue dpt dr temen gue.. ah link sperti ini sambung menyambung seperti kereta api yg menyenangkan..

  2. You are Silver Fawn, who tends to give an impression of being difficult to grasp what you really mean.
    People find it hard to know what you think and what you like, no matter how often and how much they talk to you.
    Your mysterious atmosphere makes you look like a cold hearted woman, but all the more, you stand for femininity.
    You are composed of both natural caution against men and passion for your own life.
    A feudalistic ideas and passion for artistic things exist along side each other inside you, and are kept in good balance.
    You are full of fantasist ideas, and tends to be rather dreamy sort of person.
    Nevertheless, your attitude towards life is extremely steady.
    You are not interested in real life, and you don't have many relationships.
    You can show astonishing vital power when it comes to long term businesses.
    But you tend to withdraw into your shell, and be unable to bring out the trust you have among other people.
    You should try and mingle more often with others.
    Although you are very unique and have the mysterious atmosphere around you, you tend to get interested in natural and ordinary things.
    You should create an environment at home, where you could make use of your personal interest and your life mission.
    After getting married, you will lead a steady life.
    There may be a possibility that you may take an active part outside your home.


  3. iya mas... bener nih, lu emang kalem... klo lu ga kalem dan serampangan pasti udah bikin band freak folk...huehehehheee

  4. memang menyenangkan sambung menyambung ini. eh punya elo udah diposting? akurat juga gak?

  5. gak bisa jadi bos berarti yah..heheh

  6. bikin ban freak folknya ama duto pasti. haha

  7. wah, gemerlap banget warna lo, dit :D

  8. udah dim, malah krn postingannya jd bisa di link bini, akurat ko 85 persen hahaha